What is an Actuator?
Actuators or also known as double acting pneumatic actuator is a component of a machine which is responsible for controlling and moving a mechanism or system, for instance by opening a valve. Actuators are automated, can be distantly operated by an energy source (which can be a pneumatic pressure, hydraulic pressure or electric current) and can act as shutdown mechanisms in case of a backup.

How does an Actuator work?
The configuration of actuator uses the air/liquid as energy to open and close the valve. Any variance in pressure between the two sides of the piston moves the piston to one side or the other. The performance metrics for actuators includes acceleration, speed, force, energy efficiency, operating conditions, volume, mass and durability.

Generally, actuators are easy to install and mainly built for a long and reliable service. There are many variations available in the industry on the basic double acting cylinder design. One of the brand that we carry of actuators is by SWISH.

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