What is a cylinder?

Once hydraulic or pneumatic systems needs to produce linear motion, cylinders become the most significant component by changing fluid pressure and flow to force and velocity. Cylinder, also commonly known as pneumatic actuators is a device that converts a source of stagnant power into a useful output motion, which can be in any form, such as blocking, clamping, or ejecting. Cylinders are offered in a variety of industry standard and it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and types as well with several optional features.

Types of Cylinder
There are many types of pneumatic cylinders such as compact cylinder, tie-rod cylinder, twin rod cylinder, slim cylinder, rod-less cylinders, diaphragm cylinders, telescoping cylinders, and through-rod cylinders. The brands that we carry for the cylinders includes SWISH, Festo, SMC and CKD.

What are the common cylinder applications?

  • Allowing motion and movement in the animatronics industry
  • Provides opening and closing of the gate on a knife gate valve
  • Diverting goods on a conveyer system
  • Operating gates to rapidly unload a railcar commodity
  • Press operation in the dry cleaning industry

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