What is a cylinder?

Once hydraulic or pneumatic systems need to produce linear motion, cylinders become the most significant component by changing fluid pressure and flow to force and velocity. A cylinder, also commonly known as a pneumatic actuator is a device that converts a source of stagnant power into a useful output motion, which can be in any form, such as blocking, clamping, or ejecting. Cylinders are offered in a variety of industry-standard and it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and types as well with several optional features.

Types of Cylinder
There are many types of pneumatic cylinders such as compact cylinder, tie-rod cylinder, twin rod cylinder, slim cylinder, rod-less cylinders, diaphragm cylinders, telescoping cylinders, and through-rod cylinders. The brands that we carry for the cylinders includes SWISH, Festo, SMC and CKD.

What are the common cylinder applications?

  • Allowing motion and movement in the animatronics industry
  • Provides opening and closing of the gate on a knife gate valve
  • Diverting goods on a conveyor system
  • Operating gates to rapidly unload a railcar commodity
  • Press operation in the dry cleaning industry

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