Directional Valve

What are Directional Valves?
Directional Valves also known as Directional Control Valves are one of the most essential parts of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Directional Valves allow fluid flow such as hydraulic oil, water or air into different paths from one or more sources. Directional Valves usually consist of a spool inside a cylinder which is electrically or mechanically actuated. The position of the spool limits the flow, thus it controls the fluid flow.

What are the features of Directional Valves?
Directional Valves are usually specified using the number of ports and the number of switching positions. It can be represented in general form such as np (number of ports) or ns (number of switching positions). In addition, the technique of actuation and the return method can also be specified. A hypothetical valve could be specified as 4-way, 3-position direction control valve or 4/3 DCV since there are four ports and three switching positions for the valve. Besides that, the fluid suitable for valve, working temperature and viscosity is also thought upon before choosing a particular type of valve.


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