Do you know that Bang Bang is the term used to describe directional control valve?

Do you know that the term “Bang-bang” is often used to describe basic directional-control valves?

It refers to how the valves shift—from completely open to completely close. This usually occurs in an instant that causes fluid to rapidly speedup and slow down. Under certain conditions, this can cause fluid hammer, which is more like a hammer striking the hydraulic system from inside. Hence, shifting the valve from one position to another can produce a bang-bang sound.

Directional Control Valves can be categorized according to:

  • number of positions
  • type of spool
  • number of ports
  • actuating methods

The digital valve is more basic than the directional-control valve. It operates either on or off. However discrete valves uses a spool to attain 2, 3 or more positions. The benefit to this type of operation is that it offers a positive seal to avoid cross-port leakage.

The most simple of all directional-control valves is the check valve, a specific type of digital valve. Basic check valves permit fluid to flow in one direction, but avoid fluid from flowing in the opposite direction. As with all fluid power components, directional-control valves can be represented by standard symbols published in ISO 1219.

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