Do you know the control options of pneumatic actuators?

Generally, pneumatic actuators are essential equipment for the machine. They are usually used in various types of machinery and equipment as they provide a very simple, durable and cost-effective way to implement linear of various other types of motion.

Pneumatic actuators are compact and powerful at the same time, as for the face delivered as it often the desired solution over electric or hydraulic actuation, both of which can upsurge weight and convolution.

The basics of pneumatic actuator

Most of the actuators incorporate closed cylinder housing that has a movable piston connecting to a rod. Pneumatic valves regulate the flow of compressed air delivered or discharged from one or both sides of a cylinder. These valves may be actuated electrically, with exterior air sources or manually by a machine operator. Actuators can be invented from an extensive variety of materials using diverse construction methods. The equipment geometry must be measured to select the suitable mounting and connecting methods, and the actuator must be sized to guarantee it can transport the proper motive force.

Choose the right options

It’s reliable to install sensors on-board the actuator and it’s a proven method that can be consistent. The majority of the actuators include slots to easily accept compatible position switches.

Cost concerns

By adding sensing elements, it creates a swell effect of material and labor impacts. The switch parts must be picked to match the exact physical sense of need. Each actuator must be functioned through its range.

Hybrid approach

To comprise costs, many designers follow a hybrid approach in specifying actuator controls, particularly when evolving systems or subsystems that will be formed in quantity. When a piece of equipment is first experiencing growth, engineers may tend to over-specify the composition and put sensors in all possible locations.

In a nutshell, pneumatic actuators are mainstays for many diverse types of machines. Whether manually controlled or operated, there are countless reasons to monitor actuator position and integrate this information into the control scheme.

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