What is a filter?
Filters capture solid particulate & remove water by “spinning” the air centrifugally. Water and larger particles are thrown against the side of the bowl where it’s condensed and/or fall to the lower part of the bowl. Smaller particles are captured as the air is flowing through the filter element. Our filter are by SWISH & SYM, and it functions to remove moisture and contaminants. It provides air filtration through a 25 micron filter. Read more on filters here.

How does a pneumatic filter work?
In order for complex machinery to work well, compressed air must be of very good quality and totally free of water and other particles, the pneumatic filter works to achieve this. The filter can work either one of two ways, one is  by using a media to trap particles and allow air to pass through or second, which is through the use of a membrane which only allows air to pass through the filter.

How to maintain a pneumatic filter?
Well, it usually depends on the environment where it is used. The more fragments enter the system, the more the filter will need cleaning. The easiest sign that your pneumatic filter will need to be cleaned is a significant pressure drop. Of course, a drop in pressure will delay the efficiency of your filter and you should monitor careful instructions to carry out a safe service. There are two components of the filter that doesn’t need to be maintained and they are the service indicator and the automatic/manual drain.

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