foot pedal valve

Foot Pedal Valves are basically used in operating devices as cylinders or to hold together workpieces intact, enabling hands-free machine operation. Generally, pneumatic food pedals comprises of 3 or 5-way valves configuration with G1/4 or G1/8 threaded connection ports. These valves are manually operated. They are light weighted as well as easy to install. Visit our online shop for stock and pricing information.

What are the features of our Foot Pedal Valves?

  • Pneumatic Foot Pedal Valve is controlled by foot.
  • Easy to use and high performance.
  • Widely applied to all kinds of pneumatic system.
  • The aluminium foot pedal is designed with direct acting, which is steady and reliable.
  • If the duration of direction-change is long, the valves with lock may be used.

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