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What is an FRL (Filter + Regulator + Lubricator)?
An FRL consists of three elements – a filter (F), which generally remove particles above 40 microns in size and water, a regulator (R), which controls pressure and a lubricator (L), which provides a controlled quantity of oil into the system. Read more on FRLs here.

How does an FRL work?
Filter, regulator, lubricator (FRL) are pre-packed assemblies of air filters, pressure regulators, lubricators, and gauges. Air leaving a compressor is hot, murky and wet, hence it can cause damage to equipment and tools if it’s not treated correctly.

The filter cleans compressed air by trapping solid particles and separating liquids, such as oil and water that are in the compressed air. It removes contaminants from pneumatic systems, preventing damage to equipment and reducing production losses due to contaminant-related downtime.

Pressure regulators control fluid pressure in compressed air systems. Pressure regulators maintain a constant output pressure regardless of input pressure variations.

Lubricators complement controlled quantities of oil into the compressed air system to reduce the friction between moving components within air tools and other equipment that are powered by the system. Adding lubrication oil to the system also clears compressor oils that travel through the system in vapour form.

How to select the right FRL?
1. You need to know what flow rate is essential for a process or system.

2. You need to know the level of filtration that’s required and to what level of dryness?
3. You need to also consider the pressure required to operate downstream equipment and what is the supply pressure.
4. Last but not least, know the degree of lubrication that is required.

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