How to reduce energy consumption of solenoid valves?

How to reduce energy consumption of solenoid valves?

It is essential to keep a minimum electricity consumption in this century. And do you know, solenoid valves can save lots of energy, even if you have a complicated systems with many solenoids. Get to understand the different features of solenoid energy consumption and learn how to choose the best solenoid valves for optimized energy consumption.

What are the factors that affects the energy consumption of solenoids?

  • Design or type of solenoid valve: Different types of solenoid valves can be significant in influencing the energy consumption:
  1. Direct or indirect operated: Indirect solenoid valves consume less energy but they can’t be used in every application.
  2. Normally Open or Normally Closed: This is part of the design of the valve, but needs special attention as it impacts the energy consumption, liable on the required cycle pattern.
  • Design or type of solenoid valve:There are 2 types of solenoid valves that affects the energy consumption, which are:-
  • Dimension of the solenoid valve:If you over-dimension the valve it might work perfectly, but it will consume too much of energy.
  • Cycle pattern of the solenoid:The way a solenoid valve is anticipated to operate, in terms of the number of opening and closing cycles as well as the times the valves need to stay closed or open, plays a big role in choosing the right model. Every solenoid valve will have a completely different energy consumption, based on the cycle pattern. Selecting the right valve for your cycle process will save a lot of energy.
  • Peak currents during opening:The current (peak current) to lift the plunger needs to be higher than the current (holding current) necessary to hold the plunger against the stop in the open position.
  1. AC or DC power: They have different levels of energy consumption.
  2. Latching solenoid valves: A solenoid valve with a built in permanent magnet to avoid holding currents.
  3. Additional circuitry to reduce the holding current: This can reduce the energy consumption.

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