How to use and maintain a Modular FRL?

How to use and maintain a Modular FRL?

Also known as an air preparation unit, modular FRL is divided into air filter, air regulator and air lubricator. These three units can be used separately or can be even used as a combination. Generally, modular FRLs plays an important role in pneumatic components as well as air tools.

Air filter functions to remove dust and water from compressed air; Air regulator functions to receive stable air supply and the desired pressure while air lubricator can lubricate the components with air.

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What’s the advantage of a Modular FRL?

  • Easy to replace the element
  • The element and the bowl are in a singular piece. The replacement can be done with a simple tool
  • Visible and safer

How to Use and Maintain the Modular FRL?

  1. Buy the right size units including filter, regulator, and lubricator according to your actual requirements. Make sure to use the right level of filtration.
  2. Before installing, please check whether it is damaged or broken during transport and if any parts are loose.
  3. Install as arrow direction and keep the unit vertical.
  4. For units with protection cover, please make sure covers are fixed before using to avoid the danger.
  5. For lubricator, it is mandatory to adjust the oil needle to zero position and add the oil below level line.
  6. Please remove dust, metal chips and oils stains in the tubes if you are using metal tubes to connect.
  7. Do use a spanner to tighten the pressure meter while installing, never tighten with your hand.

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