kq2 series push in fitting

What are KQ2 Series Push-In Fittings?
KQ2 Series Push-In Fittings has a large retaining force and is suitable to be used with nylon and urethane. The chuck provides secure retention and the collet increase the holding force on the tube. Its seal can be used for a wide range of pressures from a low vacuum up to a pressure of 1MPa.

What are the basic features of KQ2 Series Push-In Fittings?

  • Working Medium: Air/water (No other gases or liquids)
  • Material: Brass
  • Working pressure: – 100kPa to 1.0MPa
  • Working temperature: 0 – 60 degrees
  • Applicable Tube: Polyurethane, Nylon and Polyethylene Tube
  • One-touch type connection tool for air pressure pipe.
  • Various uses depending on the user’s environment.
  • Use to pipe in the same direction from the female thread. Most general style.
  • Easy steps to take tubes off.
  • Once inserted into the nut, the tube would not easily lose.
  • All threads are pre-coated sealant.
  • Quick and simple tube insertion
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Advanced, well-proven tube retaining system
  • Re-usable thread seal.

What are the types of KQ2 Series Push-In Fittings?
We have a variety of KQ2 Series Push In Fitting catering to different industrial applications. They are KQ2H, KQ2L, KQ2T, KQ2U Union Y Pneumatic Air Push In One Touch Quick Fitting. 

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