Learn the basics oF designing with FRLs

What is a function of an FRL?
FRL is essential in treating & acclimatizing downstream components in ensuring high air quality in pneumatic machinery.  It requires dry and lubricated air at a steady pressure.

Filter comes first in an FRL and of course there’s a reason for it. Filters removes more than particles as contamination exists in various forms. The filter from the FRL diffuse liquid contaminators like water and oil using a uniquely shaped internals to swirl. To remove the fluid from standard filter happens at less than 100% efficiency.

Regulators ensures stable pressure. Every filter is paired with a regulator. An air regulator knows when the downstream pressure is at its secondary (controlled) port, which acts upon a diaphragm or piston, itself pulling up a plug.

Every machine or drop line needs to have its own FRL as each of these machines has its own flow, pressure and conditioning requirements. Some machines, tools or components may need precise forms of lubrication, making FRL’s important at each drop leg or machine in your plant. Spool valves, air motors, cylinders, rotary actuators and any other pneumatic item with sliding, moving or rubbing parts is sure to function more accurately, consistently and proficiently when well lubricated.

In a nutshell, FRLs are significant and prominent. Their enhancement, performance, excellence and cost are all accessible in one package. When in uncertainty, select the utmost performing selection for your application. A high-flowing, excellently filtered FRL with a competent lubricator will always be useful in the end.

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