nylon tube

What are Nylon Tube?
Nylon Tube or Hose displays excellent efficiency in piping due to its ultra-softness material. Flexible nylon tubing is carefully made from high-grade, abrasion-resistant, heat-and light-stabilized nylon. Resistance to stress cracking greatly exceeds that of ordinary nylon tubing. Extremely low level water absorption. Chemical-resistant nylon tubing has the additional benefits of better flexibility, lighter weight and resistance to flexural fatigue. Read more on nylon tubes here.

What are the features of Nylon Tube?

  • Superior anti-pressure, anti- vibration, anti-rust, anti-heat, anti- chemical and anti-oil
  • Low absorptive rate, low changeable rate of measurement as well as low physical performance deterioration
  • Anti-curve and anti-fatigue
  • Increases the productivity of piping works due to its lightness and softness
  • Has a wide applicable range of temperature
  • Available in 2 colours – black and white, makes it easier to distinguish the pipes from one another.
  • Working temperature range: -40 ~ 80 Celsius.

Application of Nylon Tubes

  • Pneumatic system, air tools
  • Vacuum
  • Automation
  • Plant instrumention
  • Paint supply lines
  • Constriction applications
  • Motion control devices

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