Pneumatic Air Filter Malaysia

Pneumatic Air Filter Malaysia

Pneumatic filters have been widely adopted to remove contaminants from a compressed air stream. SWISH FRLs are built for performance, especially when it comes to conditioning and preparing compressed air for use in fluid power systems.

EC Pneumatic supplies premium FRLs to help you achieve properly conditioned air. Consequently, your pneumatic applications will operate longer, cost less and improve system efficiency. Our range of pneumatic products and components are highly durable with minimal maintenance.

A pneumatic filter is a critical device, as it removes contaminants from a compressed air stream. In this regards, various techniques can be utilized. For example, you can use a ”media” type that traps particles while allowing air to pass through a venturi. Alternatively, you can use a membrane that only allows air to pass through. As a customer-centric company, EC Pneumatic aims to help industries cut costs and maintain a competitive edge in the market. With no compromise for quality, our pneumatic air filters are proven and tested for performance.

We have partnered with reputable manufacturers in order to enhance customer satisfaction. SWISH offers five different sizes from ¼” to 1” BSPT of Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and combination units. Stacking FRLs provides air filtration, regulation, and lubrication in a single unit. Customers benefit from easy mounting and installation. The modular design and interconnecting brackets of our FRLs provide flexibility and facilitate simple field installation and/or modification.

Customers want a product that will efficiently purify compressed air using minimal energy to cut costs. The role of pneumatic air filters in industrial systems cannot be overstated. Our filters eliminate moisture and contaminants and provide filtration through a 25-micron filter. Some industrial applications are more demanding than others. In this regard, replacement filters are available to suit varying industrial needs.

Filters spin the air centrifugally to trap solid particulate, while also removing water. Water and larger solid particles are thrown against the side of the bowl. Subsequently, they condense and/or fall to the lower part of the bowl. On the other hand, smaller particles are captured as the air flows through the filter element. With advancement in technology, more innovative air filters are available, offering enhanced precision and performance.

Based on customer feedback, there is need for products and components that can be easily installed in pneumatic systems. We therefore promote compact pneumatic air filters that allow easy installation using minimal tools. The latest air filters from EC Pneumatic eliminate contamination in your air stream, consequently protecting critical processes and valuable equipment. Looking for suitable air filters that match your industrial needs in Malaysia? Contact us today for the best bargains in the market.

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