Pneumatic Air Preparation

It’s no harm to have an oversized air preparation system, as it leaves space for unanticipated demands. Generally, the air preparation starts with manual shutoff relief valve, with a lock-out to eliminate air from maintenance. OSHA requires air to be discarded during an emergency stop or other safety event. Hence, an electrical soft start valve dumps air whenever power is removed. The soft valve also ensure the pneumatic equipment intact from banging when air is applied.

The filter, regulator and lubricator (FRL) is installed downstream of manual shutoff relief valve. The air filter functions in removing particulate and moisture separation filters in a great range of port sizes, mainly from 1/8” to 1”.

Standard filters eliminates particulate to around 40μm, meanwhile fine filters are meant to remove particulates down to 5μm or less. Do note that filters which are too fine for the applications can be blocked easily. 40μm filter works best to protect valves and cylinders meanwhile finer particle filtration works well on process instrumentation and high speed pneumatic tools, as well as food, paint shop, and pharmaceutical applications.

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