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How to Choose the Right FRL?

Choosing the right FRL units safeguards the air quality for your tools as well as optimizes tools performance and lifespan. Find out the 4 things to consider when purchasing a Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL).

What are the 5 types of Solenoid Valve?

Solenoid Valves is an electromechanical device that is used to change the function of a valve from open to close to control the flow liquid or gas. Get to know the 5 types of Solenoid Valves in the industry & its features. 

Get to know the basics of Solenoid Valve

Enlighten yourself on the common applications of Solenoid Valve and how it’s used. Go through the working components of Solenoid Valves and get introduced to the working principle of Solenoid Valve too.

What are Pneumatic components?

Pneumatic components are typically components of a pneumatic system. What is a pneumatic system? Get to know the pneumatic components & where is pneumatics usually use

How to reduce energy consumption of Solenoid Valve?

Get to understand the different features of solenoid energy consumption and learn how to choose the best solenoid valves for optimized energy consumption.

Do you know what are the common problems that can occur with Solenoid Valves?

Do you know what are the common problems that can occur with Solenoid Valves? Find out now.

Do you know that Bang Bang is the term used to describe directional control valve?

This usually occurs in an instant that causes fluid to rapidly speedup and slow down.

What is the right technique of connecting and loosening a Brass Fitting?

Brass fittings toughness and long life are applicable in providing high flow and high pressure.

Learn the basics on designing with FRLs

FRL is essential in treating & acclimatizing downstream components in ensuring high air quality in pneumatic machinery.  It requires dry and lubricated air at a steady pressure.

How to Remove Contaminants from Compressed Air?

In this brief article, we will enlighten on how easily it is to remove these contaminants from your compressor system.

What is a Pneumatic Filter?

A filter functions to remove contaminants from a compressed air system. It’s a critical component in preventing premature failure of pneumatic machinery.

Do you know how Solenoid Valves are used?

Do you want to know how solenoid valves work? This article will explain the basic operations on how solenoid valves are used and how it’s operated.

Our Home Brand - SWISH

Get to know SWISH, a Malaysian brand that was established in the year 2010. Check out SWISH’s product range & how we cater to businesses. 

Choosing the right pneumatic hose, tubing and how to use it?

There are various types & sizes of hoses and tubing in the market. Learn how to choose the right tube.

What are the different types of Filter Drains and when they should be used?

This article terms several various draining mechanisms and identifies the solution.

Do you know the control options of pneumatic actuators?

Generally, pneumatic actuators are essential equipment for the machine. They are usually used in various types of machinery and equipment.

What are the 4 ways compressed air systems waste energy & how do we go about it.

Eliminating leaks, over pressurization, misuse and pressure drop ensures efficient compressed air systems.

6 Key Principles for an Efficient Compressed Air

Do you want to keep your compressed air costs down? Here are a few important principles to keep your system costs down for a long term period.

How does a Ball Valve function & what are its disadvantages?

A ball valve generally functions as a quarter-turn valve that works in controlling flow through a hollow, perforated and revolving sphere. 

How to use and maintain a Modular FRL?

Also known as an air preparation unit, modular FRL is divided into air filter, air regulator & lubricator.  Learn how to use and maintain a Modular FRL?

What is the Difference between a Butterfly Valve and Gate Valve?

Butterfly valve and gate valve are one of the popular valves in the market. Check out its features and what makes it so unique and effective.

Why do we use pneumatic?

Comparatively to electricity, compressed air is slightly more expensive. But why is it that it’s widely used to initiate factory automation systems?

Do you know the basics of pneumatic hardware?

Most facilities have a plant air supply, hence the machine pneumatic system begins with the air preparation unit, in which the plant air is connected. 

The basics of Pneumatic Cylinder

Most industrial applications need a linear motion during their operation sequence. A pneumatic cylinder is the easiest & simple ways of accomplishing it.

Understanding Pneumatic Air Preparation in the Automation Industry

To protect all the pneumatic components in machines, processes or equipment, it’s important to have a steady supply of clean and dry air in ensuring a smooth operation.

Pneumatic Air Preparation

It’s no harm to have an oversized air preparation system, as it leaves space for unanticipated demands. Generally, the air preparation starts with manual shutoff relief valve, with a lock-out to eliminate air from maintenance.

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