Pneumatic Fittings Malaysia

Pneumatic Fittings Malaysia

EC Pneumatic & Hardware Sdn. Bhd (EC) boasts decades of experience in the pneumatic components & hardware products market.When it comes to fittings, our clients have to plenty to choose from. The extensive assortment includes Push-In fittings, Metal Push-In fittings, Rapid fittings and Brass fittings, in different sizes and shapes.

Push-In fittings are some of the most suitable pneumatic fittings, offering unmatched performance in a wide range of industrial applications. With the products, our clients benefit from an impressive temperature range of up to 60°C, besides a pressure range of up to 10 Bar. We take pride in enabling customers to fulfill their true potential. Our well-engineered fittings have a miniature design for utmost component density, especially in confined spaces. Customers want fittings that can be easily and reliably connected with the system.

Our metal push-in fittings are a favorite among many clients. They are attractively priced and ideal for a multitude of pneumatic applications. The fittings have a temperature range of up to 70°C, besides a pressure range of up to 16 bar. Consequently, metal push-in fittings are applicable in a wide range of pneumatic applications. The fittings provide tubing O.D Ø 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16mm with BSPT connecting threads. With us, you can rest assured of the best of the best pneumatic fittings, made using topnotch materials. All our fittings are highly resistant to corrosion. The fittings are well designed to allow use without the need for additional sealing components.

When it comes to Brass Fittings, clients can choose between Brass Threaded fitting and Brass Compression Fittings, depending on the application at hand. The fittings are well designed to ensure vibration and pressure surges are safely absorbed. Brass Threaded fittings are robust and available in a comprehensive range of sizes ranging from 1/8” to 2”. The fittings can be used in either pneumatic or hydraulic control equipment. Brass Threaded fittings can be assembled and disassembled multiple times, with minimal tools required.

Brass Compression fittings may be used with a variety of tubing including copper, aluminum, brass, and plastic. They offer an operating pressure of ≤2.5MPa. It’s worth noting that working pressure mainly depends on the type of tubing used as opposed to the fitting. Brass Compression fittings have an operating temperature of -20°C to 110°C. You can get brass fittings in a comprehensive range of shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Rapid fittings are ideal for rigid nylon tubing. The fittings are well designed to enhance performance. The ID cone has a special shape that protects the tubing from accidental damage. Rapid fittings have a nickel plated brass threaded bodies and locking nut. Consequently, the components offer excellent corrosion and contamination resistance. It’s worth noting that the locking nut provides simple tightening, either by hand or with a wrench. Our rapid fittings are ideal for a broad range of temperatures, from 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C). The fittings have a working pressure of 110~230PSI. We know all the ins and outs of fittings and are thus able to offer informed advice to our clients on request.

We are the supplier of choice for fittings and a host of other pneumatic products and components in Malaysia. With our products, you can be certain of long lived performance with minimal maintenance. The fittings also offer utmost dependability, making them a viable investment for industrial applications. Our specialized sales team offers quick response for any queries regarding our products and services. We provide timely delivery across the country. EC Pneumatic is the supplier of choice for unmatched bargains.

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