Pneumatic Lubricator Malaysia

Pneumatic Lubricator Malaysia

FRLs are fundamental in fluid power systems, as they condition and prepare compressed air for use in varying applications. The role of a pneumatic lubricator in a FRL unit cannot be overstated. EC Pneumatic offers a variety of varying pneumatic lubricators that can be used for various applications in a variety of systems. These pneumatic lubricators can be used across various industries in Malaysia. With our wealth of experience, customers can be certain of utmost value and a strong commitment to quality.

EC Pneumatic supplies quality pneumatic lubricators that are well designed to effectively lubricate the internal working parts of pneumatic machinery, besides other devices such as cylinders, valves, and motors. The products inject a gaseous stream of oil into an airline, consequently enabling the much needed lubricating in the different parts of the system. A pneumatic lubricator is essential in ensuring optimal and uninterrupted operations. It is critical that the lubricator is the last element in an FRL unit.

At EC Pneumatic, we stock a large variety of lubricators that are ideal for an array of applications and industries. Our direct flow lubricators are proven and tested in providing unmatched lubrication to downstream valves and cylinders. It is highly recommended that pneumatic cylinders and valves are properly lubricated for better performance, besides longer lifespan. Our lubricators are made of high-quality die cast aluminium body material.

Customers benefit from a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi, besides a regulating range of 125 psi standard. The lubricators are ideal for a diverse selection of temperature range, from 32 to 130°F (0 to 54°C). Our lubricators are well designed to add controlled quantities of oil into a compressed air system, subsequently reducing the friction of moving components.

Our SWISH lubricators are available in a variety of sizes ranging from ¼” to 1” BSPT. The devices have a bowl that serves as a reservoir for the oil. Additionally, oil is dispersed through a pick-up tube submerged into a bowl filled with machine oil. An adjustable needle valve controls the oil supplied into the system. The positioning of the valve is very essential.

With us, you can rest assured of quality lubricators that are well engineered to ensure your devices perform at optimum.  Through a quality lubrication system, machinery can benefit from minimized friction, smoother operation, and speed. As a result, the entire system will run efficiently thus lowering the overall running and maintenance costs.

Suitable pneumatic lubricators depend on the application at hand, besides the type of liquid you wish to use. At EC Pneumatic, we know all the ins and outs of pneumatics. Contact us today for a deeper insight into the types of pneumatic lubricators available.

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