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Polyurethane, Polyethylene and Nylon are the three most widely used and common elastomers or thermoplastic tubing. Let’s take a look at the automobile industry for instance, as the continued shift from mechanical cars to electronic cars continues to positively progress, Nylon tubes are quickly replacing steel pipes and rubber hoses for the purpose of fuel line and breaking system, this is because it offers an extremely smooth inner tubing surface and a higher efficiency. Its inability to crack, corrode or degrade when it comes in contact with substances like chemicals makes it a smart choice for a variety of applications. Unlike the PE & PU tube, Nylon tubes bend very swiftly and can readily be structured into an irreversible tilt. Saying that the PE or PU tube supersedes the Nylon tube is wrong as there isn’t one type of tubing that is the best; because the best choice of tubing to use depends on its intended application.

This tubes can be used in a variety of systems like the pneumatic, hydraulic, automobile, robotics, aeronautics, etc. Like PU tube, it’s prone to give a kinking sound if it’s allowed to bend beyond its due point. It is cost effective and are colour coded (available in different colours such as white, green, blue, yellow, black, red, etc). Rated extremely for its high impact strength, resistivity to chemical corrosion, material stability and good range of working temperature, places it top in the consideration list. Here are a few benefits of Nylon tubing;

Working Temperature

Nylon tube are well suited to environment with an ambient temperature as low as -40oC and as a temperature above 100oC but below 130oC. Maintain its utility within this temperature range ensures that the Nylon tube doesn’t fail.

Drink Production

Nylon tubes can also be used as a pneumatic line for conveying CO2 in beverage and brewery production.

Abrasion Resistance

Nylon tubes are highly resistivity to wear and tear. Thereby, making it very easy to convey gases or fluid from one point to another in the system.

 Pneumatic Application

It can be employed in the pneumatic industry for linking pneumatic circuit systems. For instance, it is used for an air field system to coordinate robotic arms movement in factories or as an airbrake system in a vehicle. It can also be used as part of an energy producing system for a factory that uses pneumatic means of power generation.

Bend Radius

Nylon tube has a very low bend radius when compared to other kinds of tubing and as such, can be easily used for intricate systems.


When working a system that requires you to use a light weighted tubing, Nylon tubing present itself as the perfect option amongst its other counterpart.

Fitting Selection

Nylon tubes are well suited to a number of fittings like the Push-in fittings, making it easy to use for the necessary application.

It is highly recommended that you adequately inspect the nylon tubes before installing them in your system. If you happen to notice or come across any signs of damage such as an uneven outer surface, kink, gap or tangling, all this indicate that the tubing will not function at its peak capacity and thus, should not be used in order to avoid failure or damage of the system or a component of the system.

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