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Benefits of Polyethylene Tubes

Polyethylene Tube, also known as PE tubes or Poly tubes, is made from thermoplastic material. It is very light in weight, very flexible, also durable and can be used for numerous applications. Its wide range of applications allows it be used in hydraulic and pneumatic system for the transfer of fluid, liquid and gas respectively. For instance, PE tubes is one of the few tubing material that has been approved by the FDA. That is, it can be allowed to come in permanent contact with food and beverage.

Along with Polyurethane tubes (PU tubes), PE tubes is one of the most common flexible tubing material that is readily available. PE tubes is ideal for handling low pressure application, hydraulic application or anywhere that requires great flexibility. Its unique physical properties and performance benefit makes PE tubing the preferred choice.

Benefits of Polyethylene Tubes

Resistance to Corrosion: Unlike metal tubing where corrosion occurs both inside and outside of the tube, PE tubes does not rust, rot or corrode. Thus, saving you a lot money that would have been spent in managing the tubing systems.

Permeability: It does not allow fluids or gases to pass through them. It is designed to prevent the leakage of media through them. Thereby making it one of the must preferred choices in both hydraulic and pneumatic applications because of its ability to prevent fluid poisoning, environmental contamination or gas leakage.

Fatigue Resistance: PE tubes are flexible and ductile but are not rigid. It has an outstanding resistance to fatigues unlike other kind of tubing materials (for instance, nylon tubing).

Service/Self-Life: Apart from being one of the cheapest tubing materials when compared to its peers, PE tube is very safe and durable, and it has a very high service life index.

Working Temperature: It can be used in system that require high working temperature working. Advance PE tube can be used in system with temperature range of -40oC to +95oC, while low density PE tubes can be used within a work temperature of -40oC to 60oC.

Low Environmental Impact: Apart from its physical characteristics, PE tubes are very eco-friendly. When compared to its counterparts for instance, it takes less energy to manufacture, it’s very easy to transport as a result of its light weight and its material can easily be recycled for further use.

Despite the numerous benefits associated with using PE tubes, they should not be allowed to come in contact with chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones, as they have no resistivity to this substance which will lead to the eventual damage of the PE tubes. Also, they should not be used outdoor or in any situation where they can come in contact with sunlight (ultraviolet light), as this causes them to degrade.

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