Pneumatic Regulator Malaysia

Pneumatic Regulator Malaysia

EC Pneumatic supplies pneumatic components & hardware products to diverse clients across Malaysia. We understand the essence of controlling pressure in all systems. Customers want quality precision regulators that will maintain constant output over wide changes in flow and supply pressure. With our SWISH Regulators, you can be certain of precise air regulation.

The assortment of pneumatic regulators on offer at EC pneumatic are proven and tested for performance. We source the products from reputable manufacturers. A compact and simple design enhances convenience for customers. The pneumatic regulators are available in varying configurations. With capabilities ranging from 7 to 125 psi, our regulators can be used for a comprehensive range of applications. The wide selection of regulated pressure enhances application versatility.

It is our goal that our products and components uphold simplicity and utmost ease of use. The adjustment knob must be pulled out to adjust the pressure. Consequently, possible accidental adjustment is prevented. With our regulators, you benefit from a maximum inlet pressure of 150psi. The products enable easy mounting and installation, besides offering reliable maintenance-free operation.

SWISH field-proven pneumatic regulators are suitable for process control and manufacturing applications. The pneumatic regulators have been proven to provide long lasting corrosion resistance, even in harsh industrial environments. A multitude of innovative features allows a regulator to maintain a constant output pressure, notwithstanding changes in flow or supply features.

With our regulators, you have a product that will reliably control air pressure, especially in applications where precise and dependable regulation is required. A regulator matches the flow of gas through the device to the demand for gas placed upon it. At the same time, the control valve maintains a constant output pressure. Suitable pneumatic regulator should reliably minimize the input pressure of a fluid to a desired value at its output.

At EC Pneumatic, there is plenty to choose from, regardless of the intended application or performance requirements.  The functional difference between different types of regulators mainly depends on the degree of control accuracy when it comes to the output pressure.  Our regulators have superior flow and regulation characteristics that suit the requirements of industrial applications.

With our products, we offer long service life and ease of maintenance at competitive prices. We appreciate the need for accurate pressure control with zero compromise for precision. Also, the regulators are compatible with most environmental or fluid conditions.

EC Pneumatic is the supplier of choice for an unmatched selection of pneumatic regulators in Malaysia. Timely delivery is guaranteed across the country. Contact us today for a customized package.

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