Pneumatic Shock Absorbers

Pneumatic Shock Absorbers Malaysia

A pneumatic shock absorber is a device designed to smoothen or dampen shock impulse from a pneumatic cylinder in order to provide a better machine environment for your pneumatic application. In correlation with how a shock absorber works, most mechanical devices have the same working principle. A pneumatic shock absorber uses both a spring or a cushion or both to absorb vibration. The pneumatic cushion reduces the acceleration of the piston and the rod assembly at the end of the cylinder travel, reducing noise and enabling a quicker piston velocity.

Before choosing a pneumatic shock absorber for your application, it is important to consider where the kinetic energy absorbed by the shock absorber will be released into as this will ensure that you choose the most appropriately suited design for your application needs. This is because a shock absorber uses the piston in the pneumatic cylinder to force ambient air through an orifice at a controlled rate in order to dissipate kinetic energy to the atmosphere.

A cushion nose or an absorber is located on one side or both side of the piston, depending on which option is best suited. The cylinder head has a cushion pocket with a seal used to tighten the cushion.

Benefit of a Shock Absorber in a Pneumatic System

  1. Maintenance Cost

A system that experiences constant vibration is highly prone to failure. This is because vibration does not only cause wear and tear, but it causes the couplings, fittings and screws in that system to gradually lose or pull away, leading to higher cost of maintenance and repair. A pneumatic system which has a shock absorber installed in it is less likely to experience any of such issue frequently.

  1. Mechanical Operation

It helps to accelerate or increase the device speed of the pneumatic system.

  1. Service life

It prevents damage and protects against strong vibration in the cylinder which may lead to failure of the system. Thus, it protects and ensure a longer service life of the system.

  1. Capacity

Having a shock absorber helps to increase the working capability of the system and also ensure that the designed link/line is safe to operate.

  1. Speed Control

Shock absorbers helps to maintain a smooth linear motion in the cylinder. Thereby, ensuring adjustable speed control with any form of external power. It also helps to maintain piston alignment in the pneumatic cylinder.

Always endeavor to select a shock absorber that is not defective, that cushioned your pneumatic cylinder perfectly and that perform optimally within the maximum working temperature of the system in order to avoid any form of system failure.

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