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Kedah is a state located in the north-western part of Peninsular Malaysia and consists of the mainland and Langkawi, an archipelago of islands. Over the last couple of years, Kedah has been a major investment destination in Malaysia. The state is gradually trading the green paddy fields for the metallic gleam of high tech industries. The small agricultural state in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia is now attracting more investments in the manufacturing sector, putting an emphasis on its industrial zones. Kedah is also a melting point of different Malaysian cultures.

Kedah enjoys political and economic stability, making it an ideal location for investing. Also, the government is committed to enhancing the business environment in the state. It enjoys a competitive industrial land and fast approval to set up business for new investors.  Kedah boasts a growing economy, with investors helping make a switch towards newer industries with growing markets

High tech industries are now setting up base every other day, making the state a hive of activities and a strategic hub for new and existing investors. The industries investing in Kedah’s industrial parks are from a comprehensive range of sectors, providing a huge market for pneumatic products. Due to diversification, the state is not affected by downtown in specific sectors, for example, the electronics and electrical sector.

It is critical for manufacturers in competitive markets such as Kedah to embrace new technologies for enhanced yields and efficiency. In Gurun Industrial Park, most of the industries are automotive-based. EC Pneumatic supplies modern and high-quality pneumatics designed for a wide range of industries, including automotive industries.

EC Pneumatic offers innovative pneumatics products such as valves, fittings, and regulators that are tailored to the vibrant textile industry in Kedah. The diverse product portfolio is critical for automation in textile machines. Use of Compressed Air is certain to improve industrial operations in Kedah, especially when it comes to Textile manufacturing units. For example, the spinning machine is essential for control purpose through valves and cylinders. Using the latest pneumatic winding solutions from EC Pneumatic guarantees better productivity, thus boosting sales.

Working with a reputable supplier of pneumatics products is essential for the long-term performance of industries. EC Pneumatic supplies pneumatic equipment to help relevant industries capitalize on emerging business opportunities while maintaining a competitive edge. In competitive markets such as Kedah, it is critical for industries to have uninterrupted productions. Consequently, the industries avoid backlogs which are costly. Also, automation of production and assembly lines using pneumatics solutions means that your operations will always be running smoothly throughout the year. This helps in promoting customer loyalty since your customers will always trust you to deliver their favourite goods and services.

We are committed to providing top-notch pneumatic products for automotive and transportation-related industries. The strategic automotive hubs in Kedah are located in Kulim and Gurun respectively. Truth is, factories are rapidly changing and Kedah is no exception. A comprehensive range of high-tech factories is being established every other day in Kedah. We supply innovative pneumatics technology that provides clean, high power, inexpensive ways of factory automation. EC Pneumatic offers a comprehensive range of pneumatics variations depending on specific needs with regards to pneumatics for automation.

We acknowledge the need for sturdy and less costly components to build reliable and cost-effective textile machines. The products are geared towards minimizing overall costs and hence more profits. It is the primary objective of many industries in Kedah and other regions to make more sales. Embracing innovation is one of the most effective ways to do this. EC Pneumatic will help you stay ahead of the curve with regards to the latest pneumatics solution.

EC Pneumatic is unrivalled when it comes to customer satisfaction. It is our goal to drive industrial performance through timely delivery of pneumatics products and services. We guarantee specific and ready to install pneumatic solutions to promptly meet your customers’ needs for flexibility and individuality. Also, we maintain utmost customer experience thus short response times in service and after-sales areas. Our seamless delivery services ensure that customers get the desired services regardless of their location, and within the desired time. Also, our clients enjoy promotion packages at incredible prices. Contact us today for more insight into our range of pneumatics solutions.

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