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Kelantan is a state located in the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia.  Kelantan boasts a vibrant agrarian economy dominated by rice, rubber, and tobacco. The state also hosts fishing activities along its coastline which is a very lucrative economic activity for both small-scale and large-scale sellers.

Kelantan is also a popular tourist destination. Tourists are fascinated by the magnificent state museum which stores the Kelantan’s artifacts relating to its arts as well as important historical documents. A wide variety of historical sites also attract investors and researchers to explore and exploit existing historical resources in Kelantan. The state is a promising investment hub with booming agricultural activities and world-class archaeological sites that offer strategic locations for setting up hotels.

Kelantan has flourishing cottage industries which deal in ornamental crafts that include batik, songket cloth, and silver craft. The cottage industry attracts many due to its capturing design patterns made of fabric through laborious processes from traditional methods.  Cottage industries in Kelantan can utilize pneumatics to effectively optimize their operations. EC Pneumatic is your trusted partner for the most innovative pneumatic products. Our innovative compressors are certain to minimize costs through better energy use and low initial investment and maintenance.

A comprehensive range of companies in the food industry have set up base in Kelantan. Due to the prime location of the state, many businesses have set up operations relating to the manufacturing and exporting of superior seafood and seafood products such as sea cucumber, fish, crab, and seahorse. Our laboursaving components for the seafood industry are based on customer needs. They are certain to ensure higher precision, faster operation, and lower costs. It is critical that our pneumatic solutions reflect innovation and technological strengths.

Pneumatic automation is critical for the clothing and textile industries in Kelantan. It has played a significant role in the fulfilment of growing consumer demand for textile products. It is worth noting that countless visitors stream to Kelantan to get cottage products , hence the need to cater for the huge demand.

Based in Pulau Pinang, EC Pneumatic supplies an unmatched range of pneumatic components that are tailored to your business needs in Kelantan.  We offer a diverse product portfolio for automation in industrial machines. The pneumatic components include pressure switches, control panels and all kinds of hardware needed for industrial automation. Our pneumatic control components control the air flow used to drive control valves and cylinders including electro-pneumatic regulators and valves for open networks.

The vibrant food industry in Kelantan can rely on pneumatic products that will help in meeting the ever-increasing demand for food through proper automation. With pneumatic automation comes enhanced productivity and overall better industrial results. Through reliability and more smoothened operations, the companies in Kelantan will maintain a competitive edge in the market. Our clients enjoy regular updates of emerging solutions to meet the market’s specific needs with regards to pneumatic technology.

It is critical for industries to work with reputable pneumatic suppliers that will ensure uninterrupted operations, especially in competitive markets such as Kelantan. Working with EC Pneumatic is working with a market leader in pneumatics supply. We have made a name for ourselves as a reputable pneumatics products supply in Kelantan and other markets in Malaysia. EC Pneumatic supplies automated systems to meet a wide range of industrial needs. We are passionate about pneumatics that promote environmental protection and energy-savings from a practical viewpoint.

Through the adoption of proper automation equipment, manufacturers are able to curb the laborious processes that garment makers undergo. We are committed to providing the most cost-effective and user-friendly automation components for long-lived efficiency.

Our pneumatic products for the food industry have been engineered to meet utmost hygiene standards due to the nature of the products that they handle.

EC Pneumatic offers a variety of choices for delivery depending on customer needs and requirements. True to our innovative culture, customers can now order our pneumatic products online and subsequently have them delivered to their desired location in Kelantan and other regions. Contact us today for unmatched pneumatic solutions.

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