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Negeri Sembilan is located on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia and boasts a 48km coastline on the Strait of Malacca. The state is an economic powerhouse in Malaysia, especially due to its thriving manufacturing sector. The state has a vibrant business environment and hosts a comprehensive range of industries. With its wealthy consumer markets and abundant resources, Negeri Sembilan has massive economic potential. It is an excellent place to work, live, study and play.

Existing industrial estates in Negeri Sembilan enjoy an impressive road network and rail network. Air and sea have also played a critical role in opening up the region for investments. Negeri Sembilan is one of the most advanced regions in Malaysia with regards to telecommunications infrastructure. In this era of globalization, high-speed fiber optic cables and satellite links have helped the state to the rest of the world.

Many investors have chosen Negeri Sembilan as a strategic base for their operations. This is due to its business-friendly environment and sophisticated infrastructure systems. Manufacturing sector contributes almost half of Negeri Sembilan’s gross domestic product (GDP). Tourism, agricultural and construction are also key sectors in the state.

Manufacturing activities include electrical and electronics, textiles, chemicals, metal works, machinery, furniture and rubber products. Establishment of massive industries during the past few years has solidified its base as a key contributor towards the state’s economy.

A wide array of pneumatic products has been adopted by many industries in Negeri Sembilan. EC Pneumatic is a formidable player in the Malaysian pneumatics market. We supply quality pneumatics in varying specifications as per the requirement of our clients. For the textile industries in Negeri Sembilan, it is critical that they adopt quality and cost-effective pneumatics component to achieve long-lasting and cost optimized machines. This is essential for utmost business performance in the competitive market.

Pneumatic cylinders have been life-changing to the food processing and packaging industries. They handle very demanding operating and washdown environment while eliminating contaminants. Our pneumatic products can be used in a wide range of industries in Negeri Sembilan, owing to their corrosion resistance and long service life.

The products also have precise dimensions to suit varying customer needs and requirements. Also, a comprehensive range of accessories is available for pneumatic products such as actuators, valves, and regulators.EC Pneumatic gives industries access to innovative pneumatic devices and process valves sourced from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Durability and reliability are the most critical factors with regards to customer satisfaction. At EC Pneumatic, it is our commitment that customers are supplied with proven products at competitive rates. Truth is, manufacturers in Negeri Sembilan don’t have the luxury to stall operations while waiting to get a machine up and running in case it fails. It goes without saying that for the food industry, food can go bad rapidly in case of stopping of machines. It’s therefore critical to work with trusted suppliers who can guarantee timely delivery of needed products.

EC Pneumatic supplies pneumatics products manufactured using superior quality raw materials. The raw materials are sourced from reputable vendors. Our highly experienced personnel check the quality of the pneumatics in various parameters. EC Pneumatic is committed to providing the ultimate customer satisfaction. Our unmatched after sale services are geared towards achieving the ultimate customer experience.

We acknowledge that speed and accuracy are critical for industries, especially those with assembly line operations. Many companies have adopted pneumatics for automation of the production lines. This helps them maintain a competitive edge in the market. At EC Pneumatic, we are passionate about the role of pneumatics in streamlining modern manufacturing processes. We have supplemented valuable technical data with industry-specific expertise.

EC Pneumatic has built a reputation for pneumatics that are sophisticated yet simple, effective and durable. We are meticulous when it comes to manufacturing precision and sourcing high-quality pneumatics. We have maintained good relationships with our clients through quick responsiveness to customer need, besides giving valuable advice in everything about pneumatics. Need unrivalled pneumatic solutions in Negeri Sembilan? Contact us today for a custom package that meets your needs and requirements.

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