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Perak offers a wealth of opportunities for new and existing businesses. Agriculture is one of Perak’s main sectors, especially farming of rubber, palm oil, and coconut. This provides the much needed raw materials for a comprehensive range of industries. The state is an ideal location for companies looking into value addition. Perak has many world-class attractions, making tourism a thriving industry.

Top tourist destinations in the region include Pangkor Island and Ipoh, which offer unique aromatic cuisines and thrilling caves. The government has played a significant role in making Perak an investment destination of choice. Various policies have been implemented to generate quality investments. Consequently, more and more companies are engaging in various revenue-generating activities in Perak. It’s worth noting that Perak has abundant human capital at competitive labour costs.

With more pro-business approach by the government, Perak’s economy is projected to grow immensely in the next decade. The manufacturing sector has flourished in Perak over the past few decades. Today, the state boasts a diversified industrial portfolio. This includes manufacturing of mineral products, electrical and electronics products, machinery, automotive equipment as well as oil and gas fabrication industries.

A number of giant multinational companies (MNCs) have also started operations in the state. This has further solidified Perak’s position as an industrial hub. Modern infrastructure networks have enabled access to the huge consumer market around Perak.

EC Pneumatic aims to tap into the huge potential available in the region. We are committed to providing the best pneumatics in the market, thus fuelling the growth of industries in Perak. With our pneumatics automation systems, clients can be certain of enhanced operations and unmatched performance.

Timber industry can streamline its operations by adopting automation and pneumatics through the processing stages. It goes without saying that the timber industry is characterized by unique and challenging conditions such as a dust and variable temperatures.

It is critical that automation systems are tailored to suit the relevant conditions and to offer reliable and low maintenance systems, while not compromising on quality. Our high-quality valves are suitable for the timber industry, especially since they can withstand severe application conditions.

Perak is Malaysia’s major producer of a variety of minerals such as limestone products, clay, tin, among others. The government welcomes new investors to further develop the mining industry in the region. Vale-the global giant producer if iron ore and pellets-established a regional iron ore distribution and palletizing hub in Perak. This made the state their gateway to Asia Pacific iron and steel markets. Consequently, the distribution hub offers a great opportunity for the iron and steel industry to flourish in Perak.

Pneumatic conveying is critical for companies wishing to maintain a competitive edge in the iron and steel markets. EC Pneumatic supplies industrial pneumatics products and components that are designed for optimal performance in industrial applications. The pneumatics can be used in a variety of industries in Perak due to their features like precise dimensions, corrosion resistance, and long service life.

Using our range of valves, actuators, motion control, and safety sensors, among other products, EC Pneumatic can create a centralized automation concept that will reduce operating costs and improve productivity without compromising safety. Pneumatic motors have been adopted in mining and other industries, providing quality mechanical work through expanding compressed air.

Our custom cylinders are tailored to your own working environments. We have built a reputation for providing a complete solution for your pneumatic conveying needs. We supply cost-effective alternatives for your production, manufacturing and maintenance facility. ‘

Customers are always impressed by the quick turnaround time after ordering pneumatics products and components from EC Pneumatic. Our delivery team is always on the ground to ensure utmost convenience for customers. EC Pneumatic offers a comprehensive range of pneumatic products, with countless variations, engineered to meet applications in every sector of the economy. Need pneumatics products including but not limited to cylinders, valves, and FRL? Contact us today for innovative solutions at competitive rates.

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