Pneumatic Supplier Perlis

Pneumatic Supplier Perlis

Located in the northern part of the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia. It is strategically located within the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER).  Kangar is the state’s capital and administrative centre. Fishing is a popular activity in the state. Perlis offers huge potential for the fishing industry, with many seafood restaurants offering seafood to locals and tourists.

Perlis is located at a prime location and is a transit point to Langkawi Island and Thailand. The state has a busy port that mainly links it to Langkawi Island. Perlis Port serves worldwide shipping and is connected by a modern road and rail network. Perlis is also a major tourist destination in Peninsular Malaysia. Many visitors flock to the state to experience several destinations such as Perlis state park, snake farms, and Gua Kelam. The region also offers outdoor rock climbing, especially in Bukit Keteri which has impressive limestone hills with countless sport climbing routes.

The government is committed to assisting prospect investors looking to invest in Perlis. It has therefore established relevant bodies to facilitate your investment needs. Perlis’ telecommunication network has grown tremendously in the past decade. The latest digital and fiber technology offers a comprehensive range of top-notch telecommunications services at affordable rates.

Many manufacturing projects have been launched in Perlis over the last couple of years. The investments are from both local and foreign sources and have created thousands of job opportunities. The major industries in Perlis are involved in Electronics & Electrical products, Food Manufacturing, Mineral products, and Plastic products. EC Pneumatic has been instrumental in supplying industrial pneumatics products to a diverse range of clients in Malaysia. We have a comprehensive range of water control valves to ensure that all fluid is evenly distributed around your piping.

Although small in size, Perlis offers serene untapped beauty. Agriculture is the state’s economic backbone, with massive paddy fields in the region.  For innovative dairy farmers in Perlis, automated machines that use compressed air systems are a suitable option to enhance productivity.  It is worth noting that as with other industries, the total demand depends on the size and nature of operations. Vacuum systems and compressed air can be used for precise and quick cooling. Compact air compressor systems can be utilized for routine maintenance around the farm.

EC Pneumatic offers cheap pneumatic systems that are tailor-made to suit the demanding applications of plastic manufacturing industry. There are endless possibilities with the right equipment in place. Pneumatics is a proven solution that has been consistently been used to improve production, increase yields, extend the longevity of your equipment, increase precision and explore cooling applications for high temperatures.

There is a wide range of components for pneumatic products such as cylinders, valves, and FRL. The components and accessories are solidly built and cost-effective to build reliable and cost optimized machines. EC Pneumatic sources the products from reputable manufacturers, thus making sure that they are in accordance with local and international standards. It is very important to uphold customers’ needs for individuality and flexibility. We, therefore, offer specific and ready-to-install pneumatics solutions.

It is critical for industries in Perlis to have a good and reliable supplier of pneumatic products. This is critical to ensure minimal downtime of equipment with more reliable applications. It is the primary objective of every business to cut costs and make profits. Pneumatics for automation has been a game changer for many industries, not just in Malaysia, but across the world. Our pneumatic conveying products and systems are tailored to your specific industrial needs.

EC Pneumatic has been at the forefront in providing pneumatics products that are essential for assembly lines and manufacturing automation. Through the use of proper pneumatics, industries are able to achieve more efficient assembly lines and consequently meet customer demand. The pneumatics also reduces the chance of error in operations by minimizing dependency on human capital. We have a long list of companies utilizing our products and services. They attest to the quality of the pneumatics we supply besides the degree of professionalism we provide. Contact us today and learn more about our latest solutions. We are always committed to meet the business needs of our clients in all aspects pneumatics.

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