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Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia by size. The state is strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia. Sarawak is fast emerging as a hugely profitable investment destination. Kuching is the state’s most dynamic city and economic centre. It also serves as the administrative hub, hosting the seat of the Sarawak state government. The state has extensive tracks of land available for development. Investors have also been impressed with the abundant supply of natural resources, especially natural gas and petroleum. A number of industrial parks have been established to tap into the industrialization potential.

Visitors flock Sarawak to spot a myriad of animals such as elusive monkey species and crocodiles. The region is also popular with Rafflesia (world’s largest flower). Sarawak boasts modern and extensive infrastructure network, thus opening up the region for business. It has 2 international airports besides several regional airports. Airfields have also been built to open up remote locations in the state, further enhancing the mobility of people and goods.

The extensive road networks and bridges have connected Sarawak to other regions in Malaysia, thus boosting development. The Malaysian government embraces the idea of improving entrepreneurial and corporate development to achieve economic dynamism and growth, in regions such as Sarawak. The government has thus implemented suitable policies aimed at promoting Sarawak as an investment destination. Consequently, attractive incentives are available for new and existing investors in Sarawak. New industries can benefit immensely from competitive pricing and attractive prices of industrial land at flexible terms.

Many foreign and local investors have established operations in Sarawak in order to tap into the huge market available. This has been fuelled by an enhanced business environment. Investments by the private sector are certain to be a catalyst for future economic growth in the region. With millions of inhabitants and visitors, Sarawak offers an enviable consumer market for a comprehensive range of industries. Tourism is a major sector in Sarawak. Both the government and various private organizations are actively involved in the promotion of tourism in the state. Ecotourism and hinterland tours are booming thanks to modern transport and infrastructure, besides conducive business environment.

Sarawak has abundant natural resources. Primary industries such as forestry, mining, and agriculture account for a huge proportion of the state’s GDP. The state also hosts countless manufacturers, especially in industries such as food and beverages, petrochemicals,

wood products and basic metal products. Sarawak is also a major centre for the high tech industry. Industrial zones in the state have continuously attracted both local and multinational technology companies wanting to establish manufacturing operations

. Steps are being taken to promote high-tech and solar industries in the region. Many high tech companies have adopted emerging pneumatics solutions in order to stay ahead of the curve in competitive markets such as Sarawak. EC Pneumatic is a reputable player in the supply of pneumatics for high tech industries.  Our comprehensive range of products and accessories are manufactured using high-quality raw materials and advanced technology. We provide highly dynamic and durable pneumatic drives that ensure high productivity and availability.

Pneumatics have significantly changed the handling and assembling industry around the globe. As a result of the global competition, the ”time-to-market” period is a critical factor for manufacturers. It is thus necessary for industries in Sarawak to have a flexible production that offers intelligent automation solutions through the use of pneumatics. With our wealth of experience in pneumatics, EC Pneumatic helps you find the most suitable components for a modern production machine.

The wide range of existing applications with pneumatics has proven the increased productivity and flexibility of automatic assembly and handling systems. The Biofuels industry in Sarawak has over the years been very lucrative. Pneumatics provides top-notch conveying solutions for the industry to enhance production. EC Pneumatic supplies custom pneumatic conveying systems, industrial vacuum cleaning systems and pneumatic process injection systems that are tailored to specific customer requirements.

EC Pneumatic is committed to helping enhance industrial operations in Sarawak. We supply pneumatic solutions for diverse industry use. Many manufacturers place their trust in EC Pneumatic for pneumatic automation that is geared towards efficiency and minimizing costs.

We take pride in customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have expanded our services in custom precision machining including milling, CNC machining, grinding, metal fabrication & engineering works. We are passionate about working with customers who wish to outsource their products in competitive pricing and excellent quality. Upon placing their order, customers can expect delivery within just a few days, depending on their locations within Malaysia. We take pride in consistently meeting your business needs with regards to the best components in the market.

Our wealth of experience, complemented by contacts throughout the pneumatics industry enables us to meet all of your pneumatic requirements. Contact us today for customized pneumatics solutions that meet your business needs.

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