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Selangor is a Malaysian state located to the west of Peninsular Malaysia. Selangor is one of the only three states in the country that have more than one city. The state has the largest economy in terms of GDP. It goes without saying that is the most developed state in Malaysia. Selangor has an extensive modern infrastructure network, with sophisticated highways and transport. It has the largest population in the country. Consequently, there is a huge consumer market available for a comprehensive range of industries. Selangor has the high standards of living and the lowest poverty rates in Malaysia.

It’s worth noting that manufacturing contributes about 30% of the state’s GDP. The state offers huge potential for trade that is still untapped. The role of the collaboration between the Malaysia government and private companies in making Selangor the economic hub of the country cannot be overstated. The state investment arm has rolled out grand plans geared towards making Selangor the global trade hub of Malaysia. The government has been particularly focused on trade and manufacturing as the key sectors to fuel this agenda. Consequently, Selangor has achieved massive foreign direct investments over the years. Selangor boasts a progressive market economy. Its primary sectors are agriculture and commerce.

On 27 August 2005, Selangor was officially declared the first developed state in the country by the state government. This is in part due to it being the richest state in terms of gross domestic product. With the new status, Selangor solidified its position as a leading player in Malaysia’s economy. Selangor is also unmatched in terms of Human Development Index. Selangor is now an industrial hub with many industries setting up operations to produce electronic goods, chemicals, and even cars.

In the electronics and semiconductor industry, the uninterrupted running of systems and machines is an absolute requirement. It is critical that electronics production is able to handle frequent product changes. With innovative pneumatic drives and intelligent drive and controls components, production and conveying applications can be implemented effectively. Pneumatics drive technology has been widely adopted, bringing customer application to the next level. This has not only aided business growth but also reduced overall costs.

The range of applications for pneumatics components for medical and pharmaceutical industries in Selangor is very broad. EC Pneumatic provides innovative pneumatics solutions that provide a high level of dynamics and precision for implementing crucial tasks such as handling blood samples, packing medications, counting and filling pills, among others.

Laboratory automation is certain to significantly enhance operations with regards to modern life sciences. There is the challenge of avoiding costs, for example, by thoroughly documenting experiments, and at the same time minimizing costs. It’s worth noting that automated workshops and laboratory machines require utmost flexibility and performance from the selected drives. Pneumatics components from EC Pneumatic meet the requirements.

Our enviable customer base has continuously trusted our products for their low noise, minimal maintenance, and longlived reliability. Industries in Selangor can utilize our laboratory automation solutions for efficient handling of a myriad of tasks including loading and unloading, insertion, handling etc. Our pneumatic drives have a proven performance when it comes to automated equipment.

EC Pneumatic is a major player in Malaysia’s pneumatics industry. We give you access to the emerging pneumatics products and components from reputable manufacturers. Pneumatics automation is critical to the overall performance of many manufacturers operating in competitive markets such as Selangor. EC Pneumatic offers innovative pneumatics solutions for a vast range of industries including electrical and electronics, transport equipment, life sciences, machinery, and equipment.

EC Pneumatic has a proven and trusted track record in the pneumatics industry. You can be assured of perfectly engineered products such as cylinders, valves, and FRL, which are tailored to your specific business needs in Selangor. We are a diversified company that strives beyond customer expectations.

Our comprehensive range of pneumatics products is suitable for a variety of clients, from small-scale manufacturers to huge multinational corporations. True to our innovative culture, we take pride in delivering the latest pneumatics that aid in boosting productivity and overall business growth. We have streamlined our inventory system, with deliveries taking just a few days. Need pneumatics products in Selangor? Contact us today for customized solutions.

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