Polyethylene (PE) Tubes

What is Polyethylene (PE) Tube?
Polyethylene (PE) tubing is frequently used in low-pressure pneumatics and pneumatic controls. It has an extensive resistance to chemicals, good elasticity and is somewhat low cost. Read more on PE tube here.

What is Polyethylene (PE) tubing used for?
Polyethylene tubing is flexible, lightweight and extremely long-lasting, making it ideal to be used in a broad range of applications such as liquid and gas fluid transfers. It can be used effectively to safely transfer a vast range of chemicals, fluids and materials. 

How can it be used?
Polyethylene tubing is great for hospitals, laboratories as well as food and beverage applications as its very stable, long life span and resistance to erosion and environmental chemicals enhance system reliability. Polyethylene tubing is reasonable and gives a wide assortment of colour coding for easy circuit identification.

Fitting Recommendation
FT fittings |  Brass fittings. 

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