Push-In Fittings Malaysia

Push-In Fittings Malaysia

Push-In fittings are a critical part of industrial systems, as they provide a simple method of connecting pneumatic components to each other in a piping system. The products are well designed to offer long-lived performance. It is our goal that the fittings are ideal for even the most demanding industrial applications.

We source our push-in fittings from reputable manufactures. With advancement in technology, customers have benefited from shorter, lighter and more compact fittings which can be used with flexible hose and stiff tubings that are made of quality nylon, polyurethane or polyethylene

Customers want pneumatic products and components that will minimal and hassle-free maintenance. When it comes to push-in fittings, the connection and disconnection of the tube can be easily replaced using one hand. Also, no tools are required. At EC Pneumatic, our Push-in fittings are proven and tested in providing higher flows compared to other alternatives in the market. Different options are available to suit varying configurations. Customer can choose push-in fittings for tube sizes 4mm to 16mm in metric and ¼” & ½” in inches.

When it comes to push-in fittings, customers can choose between plastic push-in fittings and metal push-in fittings. The push-in fittings have a releasable grab technology combining plastic and nickel-plated brass components. Consequently, the products have a compact and superior fittings design. At EC Pneumatic, we supply top-notch products with a lightweight design for the utmost convenience. The fittings have a pre-applied sealant on all external threads that eliminates the additional sealing requirement.

Metal push-in fittings are made of nickel plated brass material. Easy tube insertion comes in handy for rapid and quick assembly of pneumatic circuits. With the quality material, you can be certain of utmost durability and corrosion resistance. The fittings have an operating pressure of 0.8 – 16 Bar, besides a temperature range of 14°F – 140°F (-10°C – 60°C).

It’s worth noting that different pneumatic fittings have varying strengths and weaknesses. In this regard, it is highly recommended that you choose your fittings based on the application at hand. At EC Pneumatic, there is plenty to choose from, thus customer satisfaction. Our clients have consistently trusted our fittings for enhanced throughput, increased efficiency, smaller footprints, faster assembly and leak-free operations.

We are constantly expanding our product assortment to ensure utmost value for our customers. When it comes to push-in fittings, we help keep your total fitting inventory costs at a minimum. The company offers delivery across all states in Malaysia. Contact us today for a customized package

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