rotary & gripper cylinder

What are Rotary Cylinders?
The rotary cylinder is a device that transmutes the energy of pressurized air and moves objects in rotation, into revolving movement. Some of the features of a Rotary Cylinder are:-

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Front or side ported is selectable
  • Flexible mounting

What are Gripper Cylinders? 

Gripper Cylinders are also known as parallel grippers which simply means and functions as, holding on to objects from inside and outside positioning. It can be used on both internal and external bore grip with the same equipment because of an improved quantity of cross rollers in the similar slide part. Below are the types of Gripper Cylinders:-

  • Gripper – 2 Finger
  • Gripper – 3 Finger
  • Gripper – 4 Finger
  • Escapements
  • Magnetic Gripper

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