round cylinder

The Round Cylinder also know as Slim or Mini Cylinder comes in 4 different series, which are: RAS Series Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder, RAL Series Aluminum Alloy Mini Cylinder, IAS Series Mini Cylinder (Stainless Steel, ISO6432) and CM2 Series Stainless Steel Mini Cylinder. All the cylinder has a bore size range from 16 to 40mm. The barrel and front/rear cap of the mini pneumatic cylinder are linked by thread structure with a strong glue. Special air cushion design retains less impact from piston to front or rear cap. Visit our online shop for stock and pricing information.

What are the features of Round / Slim / Mini Cylinder?

  • Provides high consistency and concentric
  • Japanese anti-dust seals, has a good sealing performance and dust protection
  • Special air cushion design, hence less impact from piston to front or rear cover
  • Heat resistant seal, double rod and adjustable stroke

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Specification of Round Cylinder


Motion Pattern Double Action & Single Action
Working Medium Air
Ensured Pressure Resistance 1.35MPa
Operating Temperature Range -5 ~ 70 Celsius

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