What is a Silencer?
Pneumatic silencers are essentially used to reduce pneumatic equipment noise. Silencers generally offer an optimum stability between noise reduction and adequate back pressure in the pneumatic system. Our silencers provides great durability, efficient assembly speed and cost-efficiency. Silencers generally fit most of the standard values & is available in a wide selection of sizes and designs. Silencers generally also enhances equipment longevity as well as reduces pneumatic equipment noises.

Generally, it’s quite easy to keep the silencer units clean. They usually wipe clean and it isn’t difficult to get the dirt out of them. Silencers are easy to install and maintain. You need to simply screw onto the end of the exhaust port with little effort.

What are the type of silencers that we provide?
We offer a variety of silencers catering to various industry needs. They are B Type Muffler, V Type Muffler, XB Type Exhaust Muffling Throttle Valve, SC Type Muffler, SEB Type, SET Type Muffler Coppler Plating Feet, SCQ Type Muffler, D Type Muffler, C Type Exhaust Muffling Throttle Valve, SDV Type Muffler, XA Type Exhaust Muffling Throttle Valve, SD Type Muffler, Plastic Exhaust Muffling Throttle Valve, Aluminium Muffler, PSU Type Plastic Muffler, PSE Type Plastic Muffler, SU Type Plastic Muffler, SSM Type Muffler, SSDV Type Stainless Steel Muffler, SB Type Muffler and heaps more. Visit our online shop for stock and pricing information.

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