Solenoid Valve Malaysia

Solenoid Valve Malaysia

EC Pneumatic is an expert in complete pneumatic solutions. The company boasts a wealth of experience in the industry. Our selection of solenoid valves is highly recommended for diverse industrial applications. The company consistently uses feedback from our customers to ensure their satisfaction with our valves as well as the value they receive from their partnership with EC Pneumatic as their supplier of choice.

EC Pneumatic works with reputable manufacturers to provide high-quality solenoid valves and accessories. We acknowledge the need for customers to benefit from product reliability, minimal maintenance costs, and extended service life. Consequently, our solenoid valves are highly engineered for optimal performance in varying systems.

EC Pneumatic offers topnotch solenoid valves that are available in varying configurations including 2-way, 3-way, and 5-way, and in port sizes from 1/8” to ½” BSPT. We uphold a compact design in our products, with our solenoid valves available in either a direct-acting poppet or solenoid-controlled pilot operated balanced spool design. It’s worth noting that the spool valves are body ported but can be bolted to a parallel circuit manifold, thus high flexibility.

The electronic valves are made using quality aluminum material and offer high flow in a small package. When it comes to 5-way valves, 3 position versions are available, with pressure center, closed center or exhaust center spool options. Customers want highly reliable solenoid valves that are applicable in various ranges of temperature and pressure. With our products, you will benefit from maximum pressure of 0 to 115 psi for direct-acting solenoid valves and 20 to 125 psi for other types. Also, the temperature range is 32 to 150°F (0 to 65°C), hence ideal for varying industrial environments. The solenoid valves also offer an impressive response time of fewer than 20 milliseconds.

EC Pneumatic also offers various accessories that come in handy when using solenoid valves. For example, we have quality parallel circuit manifold bars that are available for all solenoid valves. Our company also supplies replacement coils for solenoid valves that are available in varying voltages. We offer personalized solutions to ensure the ultimate value for our clients. With our product knowledge, we help our customers compare widely and evaluate carefully. As a result, you are able to choose a solenoid valve that offers the right reliability and performance for your equipment’s unique application.

Looking for quality solenoid valves in Malaysia? Contact us today for the best bargains in the market. Our products are ideal for a multitude of applications.

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