Standard Cylinder (Tie-Rod)

Our Standard Cylinder comes in 2 different series which are TBC & VBC. These series pneumatic cylinders, bore size ranges from 32mm to 200mm. The cylinders are designed with great performance. It is more abrasive, sustainable to dust protection, and has a longer life span. A standard pneumatic cylinder has a stronger self-lubricated bronze bearing, with great lateral loading performance. The special air cushion design makes the standard pneumatic cylinder more stable as well. Visit our online shop for stock and pricing information.

What are the features of a Standard Cylinder (Tie-Rod)?

  • The front / rear cover moulds cylinder are designed with better performance
  • It is anti-dust seal and has a longer life span
  • Self-lubricated bronze bearing
  • Great lateral loading performance

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Specification of TBC/ VBC Series Standard Cylinder


Motion Pattern Double Action
Working Medium Air
Ensured Pressure Resistance 1.35MPa
Operating Temperature Range -5 ~ 70 Celsius

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