The basics of Pneumatic Cylinder

Most industrial applications needs a linear motion during their operation sequence. A pneumatic actuator or cylinder makes it one of the easiest and simple ways in accomplishing it. The pneumatic actuator/cylinder operates clean as the operating fluid is gas, preventing leakage from contaminated surroundings.

A pneumatic cylinder converts compressed air into linear or rotary motion. There are heaps styles of the pneumatic cylinder such as rodless cylinder, diaphragm cylinders, telescoping cylinder, and through-rod cylinder.

One of the famous styles of the pneumatic cylinder includes a piston and a rod moving internally a closed cylinder. The body materials can be made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and certain polymers. Meanwhile, single-acting cylinders have a single port to permit compressed air to flow in the cylinder and to move the piston in a chosen position. This type of cylinders is a perfect choice when work is done in one direction, for instance pressing an object into another object as well as lifting an object.

As for the double-acting cylinder, it has a port at each end that moves the piston back and forward by alternating the port that receives the high-pressure air. This cylinder uses double the amount of energy as a single-acting cylinder, nevertheless, it’s also essential when a load must be moved in both the direction such as closing and opening of the gate.

Generally, pneumatic cylinders are at the working end of a fluid power system. Upstream of these units that produces the visible work of a moving a load, which are filters, compressors, pressure regulators, lubricators, control valves, and flow controls. Connecting all of them together is a network of piping or tubings as well as fittings.

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