Trainee (6 months contract)

We are looking for a trainee to help us develop and implement our growth strategies & gain valuable experience in various departments.

Job Responsibility

– Help the manager’s complete daily tasks
– Provide administrative support
– Get familiar with personnel duties
– Participate in the company’s strategic planning
– Help managers and executives in evaluating performance

What do you need to have for this role?

– A degree in Marketing or Business Administration or he/she should be an undergraduate student in the school of Business / Marketing / E-Commerce / Graphic Designing
– Minimum 6 months of working opportunity at our company
– Effective communication skills
– Experience in management or similar/relevant field (e.g. Sales, Customer Services, etc.)

Contact us:

+604 380 1277 / 78


WhatsApp us: +6012 528 2779

No. 2749, G-Floor, Jalan Chain Ferry, Taman Inderawasih,
13600, Perai, Pulau Pinang.

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