What is tubing?

Tubing(s) also known as the hose is used mainly in pneumatic systems. It functions to transport pressurized air to actuators, valves, tools and other devices. There are a variety of tubing, which differs based on types, sizes and function. Hence, it’s advisable to consider a number of important factors to select the right tube for a specified task. Pneumatic hose generally entails an inner tube, one or more layers of reinforcing braided or spiral-wound fibre, and an outer protective cover. Tubing is generally specified by Outer Dimension and wall thickness, while the hose is specified by Inner Dimension.

Essential points to note when buying air hose/tube for pneumatic applications?

  • They come in a range of sizes with diverse operating temperatures and pressures. Hence, it’s important to understand the maximum values for your planned application to ensure the safety of the user, as well as the durability of the tube/hose.
  • Do remember to check the requirements of the tube or hose as it tends to have higher operating pressures.
  • You can cut the length wherever necessary.

There are 6 types of tubing:-

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