What is a Pneumatic Filter?

What is a Pneumatic Filter?

A filter functions to remove contaminants from a compressed air system. It’s a critical component in preventing premature failure of pneumatic machinery.

Type of pneumatic filters

To produce an effective air filtration as much as possible, it is important to gain understanding of the various types of filters and the media these filter work with. Below are 4 type of filters that are commonly used in the industrial application.

  • Water Separators
    Water separators are significantly important to avoid water or moisture in damaging pneumatic components. By chance if water gets into a valve or cylinder, it can stick, obstructing the effectiveness of the product. Hence, by having a water separator, the pneumatic filter helps to remove large quantities of water as well as water-borne contaminants.
  • Particulate Filters
    Particles such as debris and rust causes pneumatics to wear prematurely. These particles are usually generated from old carbon steel pipes as well as desiccant air dryers. The particulate filters has a pleated designs which allows a large surface area in order to work efficiently once trapping dirt and dust particles.
  • Coalescing Filter
    The filters are great at eliminating water, rust and oil from an air supply. Their designs are different, but the filter does the exact same job. As air moves along the filter element, solid particles that are trapped & formed liquid are drained away.
  • Adsorbing Filter
    These filters are used to remove oil from compressed air streams and are commonly used at the closet point for effective results. These filters are often used for food/drug application as well as breathing air preparation.

Why is a pneumatic filter important?

  • It typically removes particles as tiny as 5 micrometres from the air.
  • Filter protects the pneumatic devise from damage that would be caused by components such as small water droplets, lubricant particles, dirt particles and aerosols.

How do we maintain a pneumatic filter?

The maintenance of a filter typically depends on the environment where it’s used. The more debris enters the system, the more cleaning is needed for the filter. The moment you notice a significant pressure drop, that’s when your pneumatic filter needs to be cleaned. Nevertheless, there are 2 components of the filter that doesn’t need to be maintain, which is the service indicator and the automatic or manual drain.   

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