What is the right technique of connecting and loosening a Brass Fitting?

Brass fittings are typically used in industrial applications such as automation and pneumatics. Its toughness and long life are applicable in providing high flow and high pressure.

Here are some tips in making threaded connections the right way:-

  • Wrap the male thread of brass fitting with a non-stick tape such as Teflon ensures tight sealing. It also ensure the fitting to be removed easily.
  • By attaching the fitting to the pipe and turning it clockwise, it gets really tightened until it can’t be tightened any further.
  • Fully tighten the brass fitting by inserting one wrench on the fitting and a second wrench on the coupling towards the end of the pipe. Then, hold the pipe stagnant and tighten the fitting with the attached wrench. It’s important to tighten the fitting until its snug, meanwhile over tightening can harm the pipe and fitting.

How do you loosen brass fittings?

It’s commonly known that brass fittings do get a lil sticky. Hence, you can use these handy tips for removing old fittings.

  • Firstly, clean the fitting carefully. It may come separately just by eliminating dirt and debris.
  • If it needs to heated, place a fire-safe cloth on the floor or wall around the fitting. Adjust your wrench before heating, so you are ready to remove the fitting rapidly while keeping your hands away from the heated metal.
  • Keep the wrench over the fitting and work loose the nut. Do note that it only takes about a minute to heat the fitting enough to loosen it.

Do understand how to use these tools beforehand, and then dive into the removal or installation of brass fittings.

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